Gallery Exhibition

The Empty Bowls Ceramic Gallery Exhibition will be a juried showcase held in conjunction with the Empty Bowls event.  The exhibit's opening reception will be held on Thursday, October 10, 2013 from 5:30-7:30 PM at the Wichita Falls Museum of Art at MSU.  Exhibition pieces will be available for public purchase with proceeds benefitting Empty Bowls/the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank. 

Empty Bowls graciously thanks these 2013 ceramic exhibit sponsors:

John and Leslie Bradley

Martha Fain

The Kadane Foundation

Stan and Karen Kimbell

David and Mary Kimbell

Jan Schaaf

Kim Womble


2013 Artists

We would like to express our gratitude to the artists who generously donated their time and talent to the 2013 Empty Bowls Invitational Ceramics Exhibit.   We are so grateful!  

Jake Allee

Karlton Allsup

Bob Barrow

Grant Boulaner

Carol Castro

Chanda Droske

Jerry Fudge

Steve Hilton 

Ann Hunter

Jim Ibur

Mike Jabbur

Mike Kern 

Brenda Lichman 

Ryan McKerly 

Pamela Moller 

Tybre Newcomer 

Kyounghwa Oh 

Lisa Orr 

Ann Parkey

Mat Rude 

Jinsoo Song 

Keith Williams


Bowl Donations

Are you interested in donating a bowl? Here are the guidelines.

  • Bowls must be made with food-safe glazes only.

  • Bowls must hold at least 1-1 ½ cups of liquid and are suggested to weigh between 12-16 ounces.

  • Bowls should not have any rough edges, rough or sharp spots, cracks or pits. The interior of the bowls should be completely glazed with no pinholes or crevices that could harbor bacteria.

  • If bowls have an obvious flaw when finished, please do not donate them to the event. We strive to ensure that all attendees have a functional bowl.

  • Professional artists may include a business card with their creations.

  • Attendees enjoy personal markings on the bottom (underside) of the bowl that identifies the creator, date or where the bowl was made. To keep it simple, Empty Bowls 2012 is sufficient.

If you or your business/organization intend to donate bowls for Empty Bowls 2013, please complete the Bowl Agreement. This will ensure that organizers are adequately prepared and able to make arrangements for needed bowls. All Bowl Agreements should be received by August 30, 2013.


Bowl Procedures

Please follow these steps for bowl deliveries.

Special boxes for packing bowls will be provided by the WFAFB.

  1. Pick up boxes at the WFAFB (address and map below).
  2. When assembling the box, take care to reinforce the bottom with packing tape appropriate to withstand the weight.
  3. Individually wrap each bowl. Please limit to twenty (20) bowls per box.
  4. Fill additional space in the top of the box with packing materials to avoid shifting during transport.
  5. Make sure the box closes completely (no bulging or un-level surfaces). Secure the top with packing tape.
  6. Complete the label on the exterior of the box.
  7. Return any unused boxes with bowl delivery or pick-up.

To arrange bowl delivery to the WFAFB, contact Michelle Oates (940) 766-2322 or