Simply put, Empty Bowls is a community-wide event to ensure that fewer people in the Wichita Falls and surrounding communities go home to an "empty bowl."

Empty Bowl

Empty Bowls

The basic premise of Empty Bowls involves potters and other craftspeople, educators and community volunteers working together to create handcrafted bowls. Guests are invited to a simple meal of soups and breads. In exchange for a cash donation, guests are asked to keep a bowl as a reminder of all the empty bowls in the world. The money raised is donated to an organization working to end hunger and food insecurity.

The expressed goals of Empty Bowls are to:

  1. Raise as much money as possible to feed our community’s hungry people.
  2. Increase awareness of food insecurity and related issues within the service area of the Wichita Falls Area Food Bank. Through education, awareness, and year-round action, concerned individuals can change human attitudes that will not allow hunger to exist.
  3. Encourage community involvement in the arts, as nurturing the creative process through the arts enhances the possibility of finding new solutions to old problems.